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Nature is my sanctuary. A sacred place where I am drawn for inspiration, for restoration, for consolation. Under its guidance, my awareness expands; through uncertainties I discover possibilities, through disorientation I learn navigation. When all landmarks disappear, life can feel out of focus. Wilderness taught me that behind the chaos of existence lies a deeper order, an untouchable depth.


Poetry is always around us; an amalgam of light, colors, shapes, patterns, shadows, textures and sounds. I can go to the same place a thousand times and each time I’m amazed by how different it is, full of abstractions and subtleties; it is magical. My heart has an appetite for beauty.


I sit in the studio like I would walk in the forest; anchored in the present, enveloped by a sensation of timelessness and a feeling of deep connection with something much greater than myself. As time evaporates quietly, silence gets richer.


My spirit strives for silence.

Within its harmony my soul breathes.

In listening, I may hear the whispers of life.


Creativity has room to flourish in this ocean of quietude. Nurtured by my connection to the Earth, I see my artistic journey as an opportunity to reflect on the essence of life. Every piece of art holds a mystical promise. Making art is like writing a letter to the invisible worlds that no language, no words could do. It is my way of honoring life by creating in the shadow of its mystery.

Within each of us, there is a silence,

a silence as vast as the universe.

And when we experience that silence, we remember who we are.

– Gunilla Norris

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