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From acrylic to watercolor, encaustic to photography, writing to drawing, working with different mediums feeds my creative process. It opens the door to a grand fusion of possibilities. Layers upon layers, an atmospheric and dreamy background is slowly brought to life. At this stage, I allow myself to explore the unknown, to get out of the way and see what emerges organically. There is no promise that these explorations could lead to a satisfying result, but yet allowing myself to delve into the boundary of what I know and what I don’t gives me the opportunity to express myself honestly and intuitively, and to make discoveries along the way. Between control and accident, art making is like solving a puzzle which can yield to unexpected results and pure expression. Later in the process, the specific and graphic elements are added and come to rest on the more expressive background. The premeditated then meets the spontaneous creating some tension between the planned and the unplanned, the conscious and the unconscious, which are both part of the essence of life.


Nature is my inspiration and my teacher. It reminds me with an infinite patience to reflect instead of react, to embrace instead of resist. Each expedition, short or long, contains a quiet reminder that awaits to be heard. In the midst of a trip, I can’t tell what is going to transcend and find a place in my paintings later on. I simply enjoy cleansing my spirit, liberating my mind from the noise and feeling with more awareness the privilege to be alive. Mountains have their way to kindle humility. Sensing your smallness amidst nature’s vastness and power brings a deep respect for life. In the studio, my adventures flow back as I dive in the creative process. Slowly, the poetic aspect of nature infiltrates the work. Making art draws my attention back to the quiet voice within and is a powerful way to reconnect to the harmony I find in nature.


It is my hope that in some way my paintings convey the idea of the divine in the simple things; a reminder to be present, and speak to the quiet stillness in you. Notice their whispers, hardly perceptible, of what can’t be said, but only expressed. Careful and attentive listening requires that we slow down, and by taking the time to pay attention it makes us think about the timelessness of life, and how it is always now. I’ll meet you now, in this common and contemplative place, where the perceptible meets the infinite and the ordinary with the mysterious. In the present moment, the opposites unite; they unfold simultaneously. 




"The quieter we become, the more we hear"

- Ram Dass

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