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Even though I grew up painting and drawing, I also had this belief that only special people could pursue art as a career, and surely I was not one of them. But since the desire to create wasn’t going away, I decided to choose a career where I could use my talent and pursued a fashion design degree. Fast forward to many years later, I was trying to navigate my way through making a decent living, when significant life changes suddenly stopped me on my track. It was a clear invitation and opportunity to reflect on my journey and to reconsider my choices. I realized how far I had gotten from the creative quest I was on as a young woman. One day at a time, I began to gain a sense of clarity regarding my vision as an artist. I reconnected with my deepest calling and found myself making art again.


There is no doubt that my paintings are deeply inspired by my passion for nature and I invite you to click here to read more about my inspiration. Art can move mountains and I thrive to create artwork that makes a difference by bringing inspiration, peace and beauty into people’s lives. I’m dedicated to create authentic artwork that I hope can bring a sense a freedom and deepen our feeling of connection with nature and each other. I invite you to click here to learn more about my process and the meaning behind my work.


Outside of the studio, my life is filled with inspiring adventures in nature all year around – hiking, backpacking, cycling, snowshoeing, skiing and the list goes on! I go in the mountains to experience freedom and feel deeply connected with this immense beauty. I bring back home a backpack filled with peace, silence and beautiful memories and infuse my art with nature's sacredness. Fervent of fitness and nutrition, when back home, you'll find me running, preparing delicious healthy food or simply meditating near Leavenworth, WA where I live tiny and sustainably.


Photo by Toni Pinto

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